Min-J Restaurant – Greenwood Village, Colorado

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Min-J Restaurant!

We invite you to dine at our restaurant to enjoy delicious Chinese and Asian dishes. We serve the Greenwood Village and Denver Tech Center area. Come visit us – we are just behind the United movie theater.

Gluten Free Available No MSG
Catering Available
Reserve our 50-Person Private Room with Projector – Available for Parties or Business Meetings

Min-J Restaurant
6585 Greenwood Plaza Blvd. Greenwood Village CO 80111
(2 Blocks West of I-25 at Arapahoe Rd. Behind United Theater)
Tel: 303-779-0028 Fax: 303-779-3638

Open Hours | 7 Days 11:00 am – 9:30 pm
Dine In & Take Out Free Delivery (3 Mile Radius) – Minimum Order of $18

CALL US TODAY AT 303-779-0028!


12 thoughts on “Min-J Restaurant – Greenwood Village, Colorado

  1. Tim,
    I want to thank you for providing service on the evening of 5 Nov for the group of people from Leidos and the USAF. Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations for your establishment. I had arranged for a 6PM dinner and was not served until after 7PM and then only when a team member searched you out. There were no appetizers or drinks between 6 and 7 PM forcing my guests to go to your bar for something to drink. When one of my staff members went to your people there was a language barrier and nothing happened until they finally tracked you down. There was sufficient food that everyone said was OK. There was supposed to be both red and white wine on the table and there was only white. Overall, it was a less that auspicious event. I had scheduled and event closer to mid-Dec for my team but have cancelled based on what happened last week. I send this as constructive criticism for the future.

    Fred Littlepage

  2. I stopped in to have lunch here on 3-6-15 and was impressed with the decor,but Not at all with the manager. The waitress was training and got my order wrong-no big deal.The manager wanted to charge me $2.00 for brown sauce that should’ve been part of my order.So i asked to speak with the manager and he said the waitress must have “lied” to him,took the $2.00 off and proceeded to yell at her in front of everyone.I tried to let him know that was not necessary, but he ignored me.I will NEVER go to that place again!Oh,the food was bland

  3. Food is great, big portions and price is right. Service is good but can be better. The place is very nice and clean.

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  5. I’ve ordered delivery three times now and every time the food has arrived quickly and was hot. The first couple of orders did not suit my tastes but I tried it again because I could tell it was good quality food. I knew I would find something I loved and I was not disappointed. The delivery man has always been very polite, too.

  6. So I’m here in the Wingate for the Denver “Freak” Blizzard of 2016. All other locations for food delivery shut down, now granted they are in walking distance of the hotel, but they kept delivery up, including driving, which I appreciate. That stated, I didn’t ask them to deliver to me, I went in and ordered carry out and had a couple beers while I waited. It was busy and the lady at the front desk was on top of it. Given how busy it was, I wasn’t going to push for immediate service at the bar and waited for everyone to be taken care of, my food was coming anyway so no rush. Food arrived in short order to go. They were obviously slammed with delivery orders and were delivering even though local pizza places had switched to carry out only. Had a delicious Beef with Broccoli that I really enjoyed! Good food, good decorum, the folks seemed friendly, I think the only comment I’d have would be to relax a little and be more confident. Everything else seems well buttoned up and tight. A little confidence and solid team work and this would be an excellent establishment. Reading the reviews here, I’m a little shocked and saddened. I had such a wonderful experience, a stark contrast to some reviews.

    Thanks for a great meal in a bad situation!

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